Use this page while learning the Builder software.
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Hostinger provide excellent on-line help tutorials, start with this one. (this link only works in Preview mode) The following are a few basic starter tips.

Note: any changes you make to this page or the main site pages are auto-saved. Changes will not appear on the Live site until you click the purple 'Update website' button (top right)


The image box on the right currently shows the Hostinger default photo of a sitting room.

Select the image, then click 'Change Image' and 'Replace image', select a the boy image from the Media Library.

In the Style tab click RESET PROPORTIONS then resize the photo to fit by dragging one of the white dots in the frame corners. Align to the photo to the grid, and move this text box down so the top aligns with the photo.

Images are uploaded to and stored in the 'Media Library' (bottom of left menu/Website Settings/Media Library). Select the image, click 'Change Image' then 'Replace Image' will take you to the Media Library.

Tip: when selecting a new image, click 'Change image', select the 'Style' tab and click 'RESET PROPORTIONS'

Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory


This is Heading style 3 (24pt) double click to select this paragraph of text, try changing the heading to Heading style 4 (18pt)

This is Paragraph style 1 (Use the style menu to change colours, to apply bold, italic, underline etc.)

This is Paragraph style 2 (16pt)

Text editing works in a similar way to a word processor. To edit this text click the 'Edit Text' button or double click the line to highlight it and change the formatting.

Apply a hyperlink to a website or an email with the chain icon in the formatting menu.